magnesium alloy

Magnesium alloys

we supply magnesium alloys according customer specified,  ASTM, or DIN specification

Mg alloys will be produced according our metallurgical purification standards/process to reach a better metallurgical purity.

    • diecasting ( warm- and cold chamber machines)
    • sandcasting
    • gravity casting

ingot size: 7,5 -12kg on “TTT” wooden pallets (plywood or fumigated softwood)

  • Mg alloy chips for squeeze casting /thixomolding
    • 0,5×0,2×0,2mm in big bags

standard specifications for magnesium allyos ( AZ91, AM50, AM60, AZ63, AZ31, AMZ30, AMZ40, AS31 )

from liquid metal to solid ingots