development of demand for Mg and Al

global demand for lightmetals (Al + Mg) – automotive

this is the summery of the presentation held at 5th Asianmetal Magnesium Forum, 14.4.2016 Xiamen, China


the global demand for lightmetals is mainly influenced by the development of the global automotive industry.

Remag expects that higher requirements on fuel efficiency will trigger higher use of lightmetals in the years 2017 – 2022. Because of better specific price ratio of Aluminium versus Magnesium, Aluminium will gain a higher % of this additional demand for light metals.
Once self driving cars will be allowed ( expected from 2020), people will change their behaviour. Owning a care will become less important. People will start to share their cars, so the cost of mobility will be lowered. Even if the demand for mobility will increase every year, this mobility can be covered by a lower number of vehicels. The effeniency of a self driving car is estimated to tripple, so its estimated that the demand for cars will start to drop as a result of this behavioural change. As weight saving is a minor improvement to theThe years 2025 to 2030 will mark a period of complete change in the automotive industry. We estimated that by 2030 e-cars will dominate the automotive market.


price ratio Mg alloy over Aluminium alloy

price ratio Mg alloy over Aluminium alloy (adjusted by specific weight difference)

development of demand for Mg and Al

estimated global demand for cars, by 2030 e-cars will dominated the market

Remag presentation volume Al_Mg

estimated automotive demand for aluminium and magnesium, as reaction of behavioral change