About us

The specialist in light metal – from raw material to scrap

Remag was founded in 2004 to offer their magnesium scrap customers beside classical scrap services all kind of raw materials needed. So Magnesium alloys for the diecasters Magnesium alloy chips for tixomolding and pure Magnesium for the Aluminium industry.

Since then Remag grew rapidly and continiously to a global trading company known for its expertise in lightmetal. It was an honour to be asked by Daimler to introduce or better to set up the production process for alloys like AS31 or AMZ30/40 and get them released.

The long time experience ( back to the 90’s) in the global market for Magnesium, Mg alloys, Aluminium and Aluminium alloys and their components is an essential asset of the company. As a result we have developed a global network in the light metal business. To keep and maintain an to develop these relationships especially to the #1 production nation China is a must have.

We are proud to maintain long time relationships to founderies, smelters, automotive producers and companies from chemical, steel and iron industry.  Many of them took and take advantage of our long term experience, as we also offer consulting to them.  Either we solve special topics or we support a simultanious process development depending on customers/suppliers need.

As a result we act on 4 continents with our representitives next to the customer.


quality and service – one step ahead

It’s our target to exeed our customers expectations and to help them solving their every day problems and issues. So our core processes are under ongoing improvement. We are satisfied that we are classified as “A” supplier by our customers.


that’s what we are

  • global source for raw materials in Magnesium and Aluminium for all kind of processes and industies
  • quality management of customer specifications and special services to our customers
  • certified productions processes
  • full service from sourcing to disposual
  • customer orientation
  • ongoing improvement
  • flexible
  • reliable